Not only do we need to take personal inventories on a periodic basis, but so should the services provided to recovering addicts. We all need to be active in helping the fellowship to be the best that it can be for the addict seeking recovery. Submit your feedback here and the Public Relations Sub-committee will review it. Addicts are always welcome to attend the Public Relations Sub-Committee to submit suggestions in person, or send an email to
Tell us what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong.


  1. I’d prefer the feedback area someplace else. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the idea that this is feedback for committees only. How about a highlighted point right on the home page, or under the help tab. David B

    • I understand how you get that perception, but my experience tells me that putting the comments on the Home page is a major mistake. There are robots searching the internet, exploiting log-in scripts. The Home page is too easy for their scripts to mine. It would be impossible to determine the difference between addicts registering to post comments, or if it was a robot. The search tab is not the same as a page that can be amended easily. I would like to suggest that the name “Committees” be changed to better represent everything under that tab. Besides, addicts should WANT to explore under this tab, so maybe we should open this discussion to suggestions of a name change for this tab. “Services For Addicts”, “Addict Services”, “For Addicts”, “Help Us To Help You”, Help Us To Help Addicts” or just “Services” are a few thoughts.

      Having the comments on a page that requires a password to access the comments is also a plus. Addicts should be free to express their thoughts and maintain some form of anonymity.

      I hope that others will post replies on this discussion.

  2. So I’ve chosen a name on this site that actually reveals my identity. But I could have chosen one to remain anonymous. And I always sign mine, because I think it’s a bit cowardly to send an unacknowledged comment, especially if it is critical. But I see the case where someone might want to leave an anonymous comment. Say I wanted to send an anonymous comment, could I re-register, or change my name? David B

    • Unfortunately only one username per email address is allowed, and the username is not something that can be changed. I believe that I am capable of deleting the account by request, but I am unsure if the email address could be associated with a different username. All posts by a deleted account would also be deleted.

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