Information regarding the service structure of the Miami Valley Area Service Committee and it's sub-committees. Descriptions of each arm of service is declared on this page.

For minutes, proposals, policies and archives, each arm has it's own page under the "Committee" menu. Since this information may include references to individuals, this information is not open to the public, and a password is required. Please respect our traditions when accessing that information. The password for these pages may be given to any addict seeking to serve the fellowship. Our service structure is simply defined as "By Addicts, For addicts"

Service Prayer

God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of your purpose, make us servants of your will and grant us a bond of selflessness that this may truly be your work, not ours, so that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.

Area Service Committee

The purpose of the MVASCNA is to support its groups in fulfilling their primary purpose by providing services deemed necessary by the groups. In all its proceedings the MVASCNA shall adhere to The Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of Service of NA and the resources of A Guide to Local Services.

Activities Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Activities Subcommittee is to provide the fellowship in the MVASCNA with recovery-oriented events and activities

Hospitals & Institutions Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee (H&I) is to carry the message of NA to facilities whose clients are unable to attend regularly scheduled NA recovery meetings in the Area served by the MVASCNA.

Literature Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Literature Subcommittee is to provide NA Fellowship approved literature for purchase by the MVASCNA members and individual addicts attending the MVASCNA. This is accomplished by purchasing in bulk from the Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS) in order to keep an inventory available for resale.

Public Relations Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Public Relations Subcommittee (PR) is to provide conference approved NA literature, speakers and information to the public. The Public Relations Subcommittee serves as a resource about NA in the area that the MVASCNA serves.

Feedback Is Always Welcome!

Not only do we need to take personal inventories on a periodic basis, but so should the services provided to recovering addicts. We all need to be active in helping the fellowship to be the best that it can be for the addict seeking recovery. To do that, submit comments and suggestions to your GSR to be taken to the Miami Valley Area Service Committee, and forward them to the Public Relations Sub-committee chairperson.  To avoid spam, hackers and malware, we do not have any login to this site to leave feedback online.  Tell us what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong.